Search engines
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Ask a question rather than giving a search key.
Search engine from Microsoft.
The search engine which doesn't track you.
Most popular search engine. Search for websites, pictures, etc.
Search engine established in 1995.

Pictures, video and sound
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Search engine for images (pictures).
Google Images
Pictures from the Google search engine.
Pictures and Video
Social networking websites which allow you to put up your own pictures or video, and view other people's.

Online TV and Radio
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BBC iPlayer
Catch up on recent BBC television on your computer.
BBC Sounds
Catch up on recent BBC radio on your computer.
BBC Rewind
Archive footage from across the UK.
Channel 4
Channel 4 programmes to download.
ITV player
Catch up online ITV programmes that you've missed.
Channel 5
Watching Channel 5 programmes on demand.
Thousands of video clips to watch, or add your own.

Specialised search
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Search for second-hand books covering many different shops.
Enter a question or phrase.
Business Directories
Look up local and national businesses.
Finding People
People finders, email, phone.
Web directory thought up by Douglas Adams. Life, the universe and everything.
Information Resources
Reference websites, including dictionaries and encyclopaedias.
Internet Movie Database
Search for film and TV info, cast lists, reviews etc.
Online Texts
Complete books online which you can download. Out-of-copyright books only.
Reviews on hotels, things to do, attractions, etc.
Way Back Machine
Enter web address and see archived versions from the past.
Open-content encyclopedia written by its readers.
Wolfram Alpha
The computational knowledge engine.