Local general interactive
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Biggest Cambridge newsgroup.
We're All Neighbours
Discussion board.

Local specific interactive
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Accommodation Notice Board
Free adverts from private landlords and those seeking accommodation in Cambridge.
Naked Scientists
Ask a scientist!
Odd things around Cambridge
On Facebook.
Things for Sale
Classified ads websites and other ways you can buy, sell and exchange.

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Share your files with different computers, such as friends, home computers while you're away from home, etc.
Google Groups
Enter cam.misc for biggest Cambridge newsgroup. Set up your own group.
Yahoo Groups
Join a group, or start your own. Messages via email or online.
Voice your opinion and vote online on issues.

Social networking
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Social networking site. Create your own page and link up with your friends and family.
Chat to your friends. Follow celebrities. Share occasions with other people.
Messenging in groups.

Pictures and video
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Put your photos on the web, or look at other people's. Enter Cambridge for local views.
Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram.
Share pictures.
Speak face to face.
Short form videos.
Thousands of video clips to watch, or add your own.
Virtual meetings.

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Atlas Obscura
Guide to the world's hidden wonders. There's some for Cambridge, and other cities in UK.
Geograph British Isles
Photographs of every single square kilometre of the British Isles (eventually!)
Gutenberg Project
Complete texts of classic books from the start of this century and previous centuries. Free e-books to download.
Open Street Map
Wiki world map - zoomable maps updated by anyone. Cambridge is well mapped by this.
Open-content encyclopedia written by its readers.
Citizen science projects using volunteers to help scientists and researchers deal with the flood of data that confronts them.

Safety on the internet
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Interactive Internet Advice
Description and advice on interactive internet, such as message boards, email groups, chat, newsgroups.
Internet Watch Foundation
Safe surfing guide and hotline to report illegal material.
SafeFromScams was formed to offer a unique reference point on staying safe from scams.
Virus Protection
How to protect your computers from viruses. Includes some free downloads.