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Adobe Acrobat Reader
Displays and print pdf files (used in some webpages). The reader is free, you pay for full Adobe Acrobat.
Download most recent version of Internet Explorer, or an alternative browser.
Back up files in the cloud, and share photos and videos.
Download Java (for reading some websites).
Downloads for Microsoft software.
Online Texts
Complete books online which you can download. Out-of-copyright books only.
Online newspapers, TV and Radio
Download, on demand.
Real Times
Plays video & music on some websites. Some downloads are free.
Free email handler.
Virus Protection
How to protect your computers from viruses. Includes some free downloads.
Compresses or zips files and restores them. You need to pay, but there's a free download trial.
Online meetings.

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Enter a web address and see it 'translated' into a fun dialect!
Games and Fun Things to Do on Webpages
Design a Roman mosaic, combine colours, design an electric circuit or just learn to type faster. Plus simple games.
Phrase Generator
Generates instantly plausible but meaningless phrases.
A comic every day.
Websites where ordinary people can contribute. The most famous example is Wikipedia, but there are others.
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, maths and language.

History of computing
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Centre for Computing History
A collection of important computers and related artefacts.
How the famous WWII coding machine worked.
History of EDSAC
The world's first fully operational and practical stored-program computer, built in Cambridge.
History of the Internet
From ARPA onwards.
Short History of Computers
From 1948 onwards.
The Baby
The World's first stored program computer, made in Manchester.

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The Internet
How to use the internet, local access to the internet, etc.

Computer training
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Computer Training
Courses in Cambridge and online.

Virus protection
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Beginner's Guide to Viruses
What a computer virus is, and how to prevent them.
Check and manage your e-mails before you download them.
Safety on the Internet
Websites about the dangers on the internet.
Free for home users. Scan for spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software.

Local hardware
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Cambridge Computers Recycling
Recycling unwanted computers. Will collect.
Cambridge PC Support
Hardware and software troubleshooting, virus protection, etc. Will help the 'more senior computer user'!
Computer Medic
Provides home visit computer repairs to the Cambridge area. Services include virus removal, repairs, upgrades.
Currys / PC World
Sells electrical goods including computers and computer peripheries. On Newmarket Road.
John Lewis
Department store in the centre of Cambridge. Sells a wide range of goods, including clothes and computers.
Raspberry Pi
A small and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming.
Reboot Cambridge CIC
Local not for profit computer recycling.

Local software and consultancy
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Cambridge Networks
Cambridge Networks offer Computer Support and services to companies in and around Cambridge.
Computers Madeasy Ltd
Onsite and online computer support for home users in Cambridge.
DSM IT Support
Providing IT solutions to local organisations.
Provides computer, network and server support for businesses and homes in East Anglia.
IT Support Partners
IT support including Oracle and SQL Server for Cambridge companies.
IT support and advice for businesses in and around Cambridge.
The Fusion Works
Cambridge based software solutions company. Blending IT into business.
Website Designers
Local designers of websites.