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Encyclopaedias and general
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Reference, literature and verse.
Encyclopedia Britannica   [Local]
The full encyclopedia must be paid for, but there are free summary articles.
Search through millions of digital items provided by Europe's museums and libraries.
Learning Resources
Websites arranged by academic subject.
Encyclopaedia, facts pages and almanacs.
TheFreeDictionary's Encyclopedia
Includes the Columbia Encyclopedia, Britannica Concise Encyclopedia and others.
Open-content encyclopedia written by its readers.

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Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Look up words online in various dictionaries.
Language Dictionaries
Languages dictionaries online.
One Look Dictionaries
Searches online dictionaries to find definitions or translations.
Oxford English Dictionary
If you have a Cambridge library card, you can access the full Oxford English Dictionary from home.
Quotations Page
Quotes galore, with search.
English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom.
The Free Dictionary
Dictionary and thesaurus, with other dictionaries. Language dictionaries.
Quotes, including authenticity. Who said that?

Specific subjects
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Acronym Finder
Search for meaning of acronym. Quarter million definitions!
Animal Photos   [Local]
Including British mamals, for identification.
Art websites
Information about painters, art online, etc.
Thousands of online books. Look up any classic!
British Trees
Native and non-native trees.
Churches Conservation Trust
Details of how to visit churches.
CIA World Fact Book
Map, flag and facts about any country in the world
Every Noise At Once
Musical genres, plus sound clips representing each.
World flag database.
Government information and services online.
Heraldry of the World
Civic coats of arms from around the world.
Imperial Weights and Measures
Furlongs, fathoms, bushels, etc.
Internet Movie Database
Search for film and TV info, cast lists, reviews etc.
Mythology Encyclopaedia
Mythology organised by area - e.g. Roman, Chinese, Inca...
National and International Maps
Street maps of the UK and maps from around the world.
National Archives
The National Archives' collection including over a million digital images of wills.
National Rail Journey Planner
Timetables, service alterations, rail companies.
Nautical Glossary
Words used afloat.
Phone Book
Online Directory Enquiries. Find telephone numbers for free (if they are in the phone book!)
Poems online.
Postcode Finder - from Royal Mail
Search for a UK postcode by street address.
Shakespeare Online
All the plays online. Search for that quote!
The latest comprehensive range of official UK statistics.
The Bible
Complete text of the King James Bible online, with search facilities.
The Quran (or Koran)
English translation. Also Arabic, and Arabic and English together.
Time and Date
Time zones, sun rises and sets, phases of moon, etc.
Time Meddler's Calendars
Calendars from around the world, plus some fictional ones.
Tony Clayton's Coins of the UK
Historic and modern coins.
UK Detector Finds Database
Large database of items found in Britain by metal detectors.
Forecasts and records of weather in Cambridge and around the world.
World News
News and newspapers from around the world in different languages as well as English.

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