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Information Resources
Reference websites, including dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

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BBC Bitesize
Various subjects at different ages.
Open Learn
Open University programs on BBC.

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Art History
Art from many different cultures.
Art in Cambridge   [Local]
Artists work, galleries, prints, etc.
Art UK   [Local]
Paintings in museums and collections now online. Over 100,000 paintings on this site.
Painters' biographies and links to their paintings online.
Find artists by movement, medium, subject, nationality or name.
Web Gallery of Art
Virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture from 12th to mid-19th centuries.

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Animals and Pets
Including local and British wildlife.
BBC Earth
BBC programmes about Nature and animals with supporting information.

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Introduction to atoms, elements, matter, bonds, reactions, etc.
Periodic Table of Elements
Includes description and facts about each element.

Design and Technology
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Computer and Internet Training
Computer and internet courses in Cambridge and online.
Recipe Source
Recipes from all around the world.

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Thousands of online books. Look up any classic!
Including the Oxford Dictionary online, if you have a Cambridge library card.
Poems online.
Rhyming Words
Enter a word and find words that rhyme with it, plus their definitions.
Shakespeare Online
All the plays online. Search for that quote!

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CIA World Fact Book
Map, flag and facts about any country in the world
Geograph British Isles
Photographs of every single square kilometre of the British Isles (eventually!)
Watch that next hurricane build!
Identify Countries
Learn where all countries are in the world with this interactive game. Also the states of USA and counties of England.
Information about Cambridge   [Local]
History, economy, climate and other information about Cambridge. Suitable for school projects.
Maps of Cambridge, UK and around the world.
Forecasts and records of weather in Cambridge and around the world.

Classical and ancient world
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Mythology Encyclopaedia
Mythology organised by area - e.g. Roman, Chinese, Inca...
Myths of Gods of Olden Cultures   [Local]
Roman gods, Egyptian gods, Saxon and Viking gods. Suitable for 7-11 year olds.
Pyrrha's Roman Pages
Latin and Roman matters.
Romans in Britain
Information on different aspects of Roman life.

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Battles involving England   [Local]
A short account of the various English wars, from Julius Caesar onwards.
Kings and Queens of England
Dates, pictures and a short account for each monarch.
Local Cambridge and Cambridgeshire History   [Local]
More detailed local history websites, including genealogy.
The Workhouse
Details of life in the workhouse, and more.
Tudor History
Various Tudor topics.
WW2 People's War
Stories about World War 2 from people who were there.

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Language Dictionaries
Languages dictionaries online.
Learning Languages
Learning languages online.
World News
News and newspapers from around the world in different languages as well as English.

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Keith's Think Zone
Fun and interesting stuff for school kids of all ages. (Teachers and other adults are also permitted.)
Logical Puzzles   [Local]
Based on logical thought rather than knowledge or memory or skill or arithmetic.
NRICH Maths Club   [Local]
Mathematics curriculum enrichment.
Roman numbers, other number systems, binary and other bases, calculating machines, handling data.
Public Awareness and School Support for Mathematics for 15-19 year olds.
Test probability by tossing coins or throwing dice online.
Shapes That Tessellate
Make your own tessellations online.
Solids and their Nets
Simple solid shapes and how to make them.
Practise sums online (addition, mulitplication, etc.)
Make your own symmetrical pattern online.

Media studies
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Film and cinema in Cambridge and elsewhere.
News and newspapers from the UK and around the world.
Drama websites in Cambridge.
TV and Radio
Radio and television in Cambridge and UK
World News
News and newspapers from around the world in different languages as well as English.

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Music   [Local]
Musical groups, dancing and singers of all kinds. Music lessons. Repairing and selling musical instruments.

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Combining Colours   [Local]
Interactive webpage to show how colours combine, either by mixing light or paint.
Make an Electric Circuit   [Local]
Suitable for Primary schools. Set up a simple circuit with components and switch it on!
Stephen Hawking's Lectures
Includes time warps and black holes.

Religious education
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Ethnic Groups   [Local]
Ethnic groups in Cambridge.
Religion   [Local]
Religious groups in Cambridge.

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BBC Science   [Local]
BBC programmes and supporting information about science.
Biology websites.
Chemistry websites.
Engineering at Cambridge's Photostream   [Local]
Photos from photography competition at the Cambridge University Department of Engineering.
Pictures and descriptions of fossils.
Minerals   [Local]
Simple guide to minerals, their properties and elements, with photos.
Naked Scientists   [Local]
Ask a scientist!
Information about their space missions, plus lots of other space information.
The Solar System in Action.
Physics websites.
Scibermonkey   [Local]
Links to websites for Stage 3 science. From the Biochemical Society.
SciRep   [Local]
Scientific report writing for GCSE and A level.

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Sport   [Local]
Sporting clubs and organisations in Cambridge.

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