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Cambridge museums, events
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Fitzwilliam Museum   [Local]
Paintings, antiquities, ceramics and armour. Regular exhibitions.
Kettles Yard   [Local]
Permanent collection of modern art and gallery. Exhibitions of art, musical concerts, talks. Plus workshops for young people and adults.
Open Studios   [Local]
Cambridge artists open their studios in weekends in July. Website gives artists' contacts.

Painting and drawing
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Alexandra Baraitser   [Local]
Oil paintings and drawings of chairs.
Alicja Zimnickas   [Local]
Artist, interior designer.
Alison Litherland   [Local]
Cows, landscapes, abstracts in oils or drippy acrilics.
Amanda Hall   [Local]
Andrew Winnard   [Local]
Cambridge ArtWorks   [Local]
Art co-operative with painters and sculptors.
Cambridge Drawing Society   [Local]
Membership is limited to artists living within a thirty mile radius of Great St Mary's, Cambridge.
Carl West   [Local]
Creating innovative and contemporary modern artwork and exploring the use of colour.
Carrie Ian   [Local]
Landscapes and abstract florals.
Cathy Parker   [Local]
Expressive paintings in watercolour and ink of Cambridge, Suffolk and other places.
Charlotte Cornish   [Local]
Abstract paintings and prints.
Cheryl Warren   [Local]
Painter of abstracts and landscapes.
Chris Mann   [Local]
Portraits and still lifes in oils.
Chris Priestley   [Local]
Painter and illustrator.
Chris Winch   [Local]
Equestrian artist, animal and wildlife art, and pet portraits.
Chrissie Havers   [Local]
Semi-abstract landscapes in oils and mixed media.
Chun-Chao Chiu   [Local]
Fine artist, Chinese brush painter.
Clare Wood   [Local]
Painter, printmaker.
Conrad Steen   [Local]
Painter, illustrator.
Cristina Stan   [Local]
Contemporary art. Portraits. Illustration. Abstract paintings.
David Cutting   [Local]
Painter and designer.
Debbie Bellaby   [Local]
Derek Batty   [Local]
Watercolours and ink sketches of unknown people.
Diana Probst   [Local]
Portrait, animal, still life and landscape painter, working to commission.
Diana Scarborough   [Local]
Sculpture, print and drawing based, creating works that investigate people and past technologists.
Elena Arivalo Melville   [Local]
Oils and pastels.
Emily Jarvis   [Local]
Painter of portraits and abstract.
Fruzsina Kerridge   [Local]
Landscapes, still lifes and figures in oil, watercolour and pastel.
Gail de Cordova   [Local]
Paintings with many layers.
Harriet Lintott (also known as Saddhahadaya)   [Local]
Oils, etchings and monoprints of the landscape and still life.
Helen Imogen Field   [Local]
Portrait oil painter.
Helena Greene   [Local]
Paintings in various media inspired by colour, texture, landscape and travel.
Helena Hadjioannou   [Local]
Abstract, semi-abstract oil psintings and digital artworks, inspired by elemental forces.
Helenna-Alexandra Reut   [Local]
Oil paintings of the imagination.
Heloise Toop   [Local]
Oil portrait painter.
Ioana Izabela Dumitru   [Local]
Mixed media.
Isobel Stemp   [Local]
Expresionistic views of flowers and landscape.
Jane Evans   [Local]
Combines Chinese painting methods with Western perspectives.
Jean Vincent   [Local]
Using acylics most of the time, also worked with papier mache, collage and dabbled in ceramics.
Jennifer Talbot   [Local]
Fibre and mixed media.
Jenny Eadon   [Local]
Abstract oil paintings inspired by lanscape and travelling.
Jess Sutton   [Local]
Painter / installation artist.
Jim Butler   [Local]
Drawings, prints and bookworks.
Jo Tunmer   [Local]
Oils. Contemporary impressions of American and English landscape.
Joe Dean   [Local]
John Clark   [Local]
Stories are at the heart of the paintings.
John Douglas Piper   [Local]
Artist, printmaker.
John Pocock   [Local]
Acrylic painter.
John Wiltshire   [Local]
Landscapes and portraints. Water colours.
Josie Camus   [Local]
Live caricature at parties, from Cambridge based caricaturist and portrait artist.
Karen Stamper   [Local]
Collages and drawings.
Katy Bailey   [Local]
Specialises in nudes, equestrian art and a restricted number of commissions.
Loukas Morley   [Local]
Artist / designer.
Marcus Nisbet   [Local]
Portraits and fine art in oil.
Marine Barbaroux   [Local]
Painting, photography, digital art.
Martha Winter   [Local]
Contemporary reliefs using geological materials.
Melanie Max   [Local]
Contemporary abstract landscape paintings.
Michael C Wood   [Local]
Paintings and sketches featuring birds and other wildlife.
Miranda Boulton   [Local]
Painting and printmaker.
Nadine Hebert   [Local]
Line drawings, watercolour and washes.
Neil Christie   [Local]
Drawing, sculpture, painting of the human form.
Neil Warmsley   [Local]
Figurative painter working with screen prints, etchings, pencil, oil and acrylic.
Noriko Sasaki   [Local]
Figurative drawings. Oil paintings of landscape, sometimes imaginary.
Pamela Marshall Barrell   [Local]
Watercolours and pastel landscapes.
Paul White   [Local]
Surreal, figurative and abstract work.
Rachel Halewood   [Local]
Painting, drawing.
Rebecca Merry   [Local]
Symbolic paintings.
Rosamund Jonkers   [Local]
Seascapes, landscapes, interiors and still life.
Rosemary Cullum   [Local]
Painter, mostly in oils, but also uses found objects and unusual materials for three-dimensional works and collages.
Rosina Lytton   [Local]
Roxana de Rond   [Local]
Drawer, illustrator.
Ruth Hawkins   [Local]
Colourful abstract paintings reflecting the urban environment.
Seb Antoniou   [Local]
Painter and illustrator.
Sonia Villiers   [Local]
Acrylic and watercolours.
Stella Pereira   [Local]
Illustrations and portraits.
Tim O'Brien   [Local]
Tina Bone   [Local]
Botanical and Natural History illustration, originals, limited edition prints, calendars and cards.
Tom McPherson   [Local]
Portrait artist.
Tom Sims   [Local]
Landscape inspired images culled from a selection of landscape memories.
Vandy Massey   [Local]
I am fascinated by pictures that capture light, and I am drawn to strong colours.
Vicky Hunt   [Local]
Watercolour, pastel, acryllic or collage.
Virginia Neild   [Local]
Figurative artist.
Yvonne Jerrold   [Local]
Painter, mainly in oils.

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Baggelboy   [Local]
Cartoon, comics, linocuts.
Cambridge Art   [Local]
Contemporary limited edition prints of Cambridge.
Cambridge Book and Print Gallery   [Local]
Modern original prints and first edition and art reference books.
Curwen Print Study   [Local]
Fine Art printmaking for all ages and abilities.
David Brown   [Local]
Abstract and figurative original prints.
Gurpran Rau   [Local]
Mixed-media paintings, lithographs, etchings and prints.
Jenny Langley   [Local]
Contemporary textile art and prints, inspired by science.
Lauren Rowden   [Local]
Illustration and jewellery designer, tying in photography and printmaking.
Paul Edwards   [Local]
Printmaking, silkscreen, painting.
Peter Mennim   [Local]
Photographer of Fine Art and commercial products. Giclee Prints.
Rosemary Catling   [Local]
Figurative prints.
Saint Barnabas Press   [Local]
Editioning and print publishing, artists' studios and open access printmaking.
Valerie Sims   [Local]
Fine art prints.

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Clare Crouchman   [Local]
Ceramics and prints.
Elspeth Owen   [Local]
Making things out of clay, wood, words, photography, dust and weather.
Emma Will   [Local]
Ceramic artist.
Helen Martino   [Local]
Pots that have become sculptural and play with perspective and form.
Jane Perryman   [Local]
Ceramic artist.
Katharina Klug   [Local]
Rachel Dornor Ceramics   [Local]
Local potter.
Susan Cupitt   [Local]
Stoneware and porcelain thrown on the wheel.

Sculpture and stone workers
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Cambridge ArtWorks   [Local]
Art co-operative with painters and sculptors.
Cambridge Sculptors   [Local]
Grouping of local artists based around Cambridge who share a passion for carving stone and modelling clay.
Carol Sinclair   [Local]
Sculpture and mixed media.
Emi Gordon   [Local]
Any project needing stone with fine inscriptions.
Ester Joseph   [Local]
Works in stone that express aspects of the human condition.
Esther Melamed   [Local]
Sculptor, mostly in stone.
Eve Corder   [Local]
Sculpture made by welding recycled metal pieces.
Fenland Stoneworks   [Local]
Monumental sculptor and masonry contractor. Fireplaces, interior design.
Jonathan Hedge   [Local]
Restoration projects, contemporary sculptural schemes, features for garden and landscape.
Lucy Churchill   [Local]
Stone carver.
Melissa Pierce Murray   [Local]
Figures, animal and plant sculptures.
Pippa Westoby   [Local]
Letter carving in stone and slate.
Rhiannon Thomas   [Local]
Textile sculptures using traditional techniques with wire, paper, yarn and monofilament.
Richard Bray   [Local]
Sam Bell's Stone Sculpture Miner
Resources and information for stone sculptors. Courses also available.
Sue Kafka-Ellis   [Local]
Susan Pearl   [Local]
Expressive figurative and abstract sculptures.

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Alison Tait   [Local]
Stained glass. Embrodered felt panels.
Anglia Dolls Houses   [Local]
Hand built, fully decorated, birch plywood 1/12th scale Georgian and Regency dolls houses for the discerning adult enthusiast.
Crafts in Cambridge   [Local]
Local craft groups and artists.
Fred Artskin Nicolaci   [Local]
Tattoo artist working at the Cambridge Ink at the Grafton centre.
Furniture   [Local]
Local cabinetmakers.
Geoff Thwaites   [Local]
Engraved glass from goblets to doors and windows.
Iain Smith   [Local]
Glass, fused/cast/stained.
Jewellery   [Local]
Jewellery made in Cambridge.
Manuela Hubner   [Local]
Marbling, collage, mixed media.
Musical Instruments   [Local]
Making and repairing musical instruments.
Textiles   [Local]
Batik and other crafts connected with textiles.

Galleries and centres
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Access Art   [Local]
Charity committed to furthering the advancement of education in the visual arts.
Anglia Ruskin Arts   [Local]
Concerts, exhibitions, drama and other events at Anglia Ruskin University on East Road.
ArtCell Gallery   [Local]
Located in the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute.
ArtSpace   [Local]
Runs courses by practising artists - painting, printmaking, stonecarving, textiles, etc. Holds exhibitions.
Cambridge Art Forum   [Local]
Discussing the visual arts aound Cambridge.
Cambridge Open-air Art   [Local]
List of open-air art in Cambridge and where it is.
Fulbourn Arts   [Local]
Group set up to organise and promote arts events in Fulbourn, Cambridge, UK.
Kings Art Centre   [Local]
Gallery and studio open to the public.
Michaelhouse Exhibitions   [Local]
Exhibitions of art in the cafe.
New Hall Art Collection   [Local]
Featuring contemporary women artists. Many works can be viewed online.
Open Studios   [Local]
Cambridge artists open their studios in weekends in July. Website gives artists' contacts.
Peoples Portraits Exhibition   [Local]
In Girton College.
Rowan   [Local]
People with learning disabilities can learn art and craft skills and making works of art at the same time as having fun and meeting people.
Ruskin Gallery   [Local]
At the Cambridge School of Art, East Road campus of Anglia Ruskin University.
The Atrium   [Local]
New contemporary space for events and exhibtitions at Cottenham Sixth Form College.
Visual Arts at Addenbrookes   [Local]
Paintings on view in Addenbrookes Hospital. Some are for sale.
What's On   [Local]
Includes Cambridge public lectures and events in museums.

Cambridge youth art
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Arty Crafts   [Local]
Art workshops for children aged 5-12 during school holidays in Cambridge.
Fitzwilliam Museum Education   [Local]
Workshops and events for families and young people.
Kettles Yard Learning   [Local]
Workshops for families and young people.

Courses and talks
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ArtSpace   [Local]
Runs courses by practising artists - painting, printmaking, stonecarving, textiles, etc. Holds exhibitions.
Cambridge Art Workshops   [Local]
Oil painting classes for all. At St.Augustines Church Hall, Richmond Road.
Cambridgeshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers   [Local]
The Guild aims to maintain and develop the arts of weaving, spinning and dying. Regular workshops and talks.
Curwen Print Study   [Local]
Fine Art printmaking for all ages and abilities.
Fitzwilliam Museum events   [Local]
Gallery talks, lectures, courses, family activities.
Kettles Yard   [Local]
Permanent collection of modern art and gallery. Exhibitions of art, musical concerts, talks. Plus workshops for young people and adults.
Life Drawing Classes   [Local]
Day and evening life drawing classes.
Making Mosaics
On Newport High Street, Essex. Mosaic courses run every month, ceramic courses and tile making courses throughout the year.
White House Arts   [Local]
Runs courses in practical art subjects such as ceramics, raku firing, jewellery and glass.

Commercial galleries
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Blue Libra Art & Music   [Local]
Promoting local artists and musicians.
Byard Art   [Local]
In King's Parade.
Cambridge Art & Craft Market   [Local]
In Trinity St. Artist and makers, map and opening times.
Cambridge Book & Print Gallery   [Local]
Rare books, signed copies, original prints and drawings and paintings by Modern British and International Masters.
Cambridge Comtempory Crafts   [Local]
Specialises in crafts handmade in the U.K.
Cambridge Contemporary Art   [Local]
Offering a changing monthly exhibition programme. Framing service.
Cambridge Fine Art Gallery   [Local]
Specialises in fine art from prominent international artists.
Castle Galleries   [Local]
On the first floor of the Grand Arcade.
Haddenham Gallery   [Local]
Three galleries, a sculpture garden, gift shop and tea room.
Primavera   [Local]
In King's Parade.
St Neots Picture Gallery   [Local]
Fine art and contemporary prints, framing services, art supplies and more.
Tyrrell Art Gallery   [Local]
Artwork from Brazil.

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Camframe   [Local]
Picture framing in Cambridge.
St Neots Picture Gallery   [Local]
Fine art and contemporary prints, framing services, art supplies and more.
The Picture Framers   [Local]
Picture framing service. Based between Cambridge & Royston on the A505.

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