Sometimes when you click on a link, a new window appears on top of the old one. You need to understand a little about windows to cope with this. (This covers PCs only.)

top corner of window A window is a rectangle with a blue strip along the top, with three symbols at the right hand end. The main window takes up the whole screen, but there may be smaller windows on top.

Click on picture of X button to close a small window. Don't click picture of X button on the main window, or you may lose the internet altogether!

If a window is too small, click on picture of Maximise button to make that window fill the screen. (This is called 'maximise'). The symbol then changes to picture of Restore button. If you click this, it will return to its previous size.

picture of Maximise button is the 'minimise' button. You don't need this to use the internet.

Message windows require an answer. Click on Yes, No or OK to answer. Some annoying adverts pretend to be message windows! Ignore them. Some pop-up adverts appear as separate windows. Just close them by clicking on picture of X button.

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