Many webpages have annoying adverts on them. These tend to load first, so you sit there watching them while the rest of the page loads. There's nothing you can do about this if you want that webpage. If you don't, then click on Back button to return to the previous webpage.

An even more annoying type of advert is called a pop-up. This appears as a separate window (small rectangular box) in front of the main webpage. While it's there, you may not be able to read the webpage. To get rid of this advert, click on picture of X button in the top right hand corner of its own window (not the main window).

Some adverts play put up trick messages and fake buttons. You click on the advert, thinking that it is a part of the web page, or a message from your computer, and find you've been transferred to a commercial website. Click on the Back button to return.

Many websites make their money from adverts. It's the price we pay for using their websites for free. So sometimes we just have to put up with them!

Unsolicited emails are called spam. Thay are like junk mail. Some email providers allow you to filter out spam, but it usually only catches some of it. If you set up a new email account, or shop online, read the set-up form carefully, and switch off any box which says you can be sent information or offers that you don't want. Think before putting your email address on the web, in a webpage or an email group or newsgroup or chat, as this may lead to you getting more spam. However, even if you don't do this, you are likely to get some spam. Don't get bothered by it - just delete it.

We strongly advise you never to reply to spam. There are criminals who try to make money using spam. In particular, do not act on any email which claims to be from a bank, a shopping organisation, or even the government (such as the Inland Revenue) without checking with them first. Search for the organisation's name to find their real website. Do not use any link provided in the email.

Do not believe any email which says that you have won money in a lottery. Do not believe anyone who claims to have a lot of money which he wants to process through your bank account. Never give your bank details or other confidential information in an email, as it is not secure. Be careful about shopping online.

Some spam even have viruses. Read about viruses to avoid your computer being damaged.

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