Some webpages are very long. You may only need print part of a webpage. If you click on 'File' (top left of the screen), then 'Print...', you can select to print only selected pages, by changing 'Print range'. If you want anything other than the first page, you will need to find out which. Click on 'File', then 'Print Preview'. This will step you through the pages as they will print. Note which pages you want, and go back to 'Print...' to select them by changing 'Print range'.

You can copy part, or all, of a webpage into a word processor document. Open the word processor document. Go to the webpage, and click and drag to high-light the text you want. Now click on 'Edit' (top left of the screen) and then click on 'Copy'. This copies the text that you high-lighted into a part of the computer called the clip-board. Go back to the word processor, click where you want the text to go, and click on 'Edit'. Now click on 'Paste' and the copied text will appear. Since it is in a word processor document, you can change it around as you please, and print it as you want.

Copy and paste is quite complicated, and several mistakes are common:

You can also do a screen print. There is a key on your keyboard on the top row called 'PrtScn'. When you press this, an image of whatever is on your screen at the moment goes into the clipboard. Then go into a word processor or Paint program and do a paste. The screen image will appear as a picture. This works at all times, not just for internet pages. Remember that it is only what is on the screen, not necessarily the whole webpage.

Remember that all webpages belong to the writer, and that normal copyright applies.

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