Usually when you use a mouse, you point the mouse at a part of the screen, and click with the left button. The click is a tap with the finger, and you need to lift the finger afterwards. Sometimes you just point the mouse without clicking.

Click and drag is more complicated. You point at a part of the screen with the mouse, and press your 'click' finger down, but you do not lift it up to complete the click. Now move your mouse to another part of the screen still keeping your finger down. When you have got to the second position, lift your finger.

There are two reasons to do this:

Sometimes the screen or a program will let you move things this way. You start the click and drag by pointing to an object and click keeping your finger down. Then move the mouse to where you want it, and lift your finger. The object will jump to the new position.

You can also high-light this way. Point to the start, and click and drag to the end. The screen in between will change colour to show which piece has been high-lighted. High-lighting doesn't do anything, it just selects a part of the screen, such as some writing, to do something to, such as copy and paste. This type of click and drag also works if you start at the end, and move the mouse to the start.

If you find click and drag too hard, then there is an easier way. Click on the start (lifting your finger afterwards). Then move the mouse to the end and do a 'shift click'. This means press down on the shift key with your non-mouse hand while clicking on the end position with the other hand. This works exactly the same as a 'click and drag'.

A touch screen also sometimes does "click and drag". Press your finger on the screen at the start point, then drag your finger across the screen to the end point. Touch screens also (sometimes) allow you to enlarge pictures. Put your finger and thumb close together on the picture. Then draw them apart, keeping both on the screen. The part of the picture between finger and thumb gets bigger to match the bigger distance they are now from each other. There is also the "swipe" movement. Press your finger on the screen, then move it rapidly in a direction. The picture or webpage will move as well, as if you have flicked it.

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