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Select your language and click on the Translate button to see the Cambridge Online homepage in that language. It may take some time. Any other links you select will also be translated.

Warning! This free translation service by InterTran is done by machine, not by a person. The translation will not be complete or accurate. It will also take some time. It will not translate logos, buttons or pictures. You can find better quality translation from InterTran, and other translation services through the internet, but you will have to pay for it. We hope this free service will enable more non-English speaking people to explore more of the internet.

If you cannot find the right language here, try these translation websites. If you want to find webpages in a particular language, many search engines will do this. Try their 'advanced search' or 'language tools'.

There are ethnic groups in Cambridge and on the web, plus sites about immigration, refugees and opposing racism.
There are also Cambridge Language Schools, and various adult education.

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