Fair Use Policy

Cambridge Online's website provides access to information and services, including the facility to create simple webpages that can include external links. Cambridge Online is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not provide accounts for internet usage or access.

The contents of pages hosted by Cambridge Online on its website are carefully reviewed before they are allowed to go online. All content must comply with this Fair Use Policy. Any complaint about the content of any webpage hosted by Cambridge Online will be carefully investigated. It will result in that webpage being removed without notice from the Cambridge Online website if the webpage breaches this Fair Use Policy.

Cambridge Online will not accept use of its facilities or services to create or to provide access to material that may be considered to be offensive, degrading, racist, or material that is intended in any way to harm or to incite either hostility or violence against any person or group. Use of the facilities must not damage the server or software, put excessive load on the network, or compromise the ability of others to use the service.

Cambridge Online's website may not be used to promote or provide information encouraging illegal activities or for any illegal purpose. The laws of copyright must be observed.

No material containing personal information may be loaded onto the server without the express permission of the person concerned. However, Cambridge Online cannot accept responsibility for verifying that this permission has been obtained. On no account may any contact information other than an email address be loaded onto the server for persons under 18 years of age.

Cambridge Online hopes that all users will respect this Policy. It reserves the right to remove from the Cambridge Online website any webpage that fails to comply with the Policy. We also reserve the right to refuse access to anyone who uses a Cambridge Online terminal for any purpose that breaches these guidelines.


Cambridge Online is not responsible for the content of any webpages in or linked to from the Cambridge Online website. The opinions and views expressed in these webpages or linked websites do not necessarily reflect those of Cambridge Online.

All material on these pages, including without limitation text, logos, icons, photographs and all other artwork, is copyright material of Cambridge Online, unless otherwise stated. Use may be made of these pages for non-commercial purposes without permission from the copyright holder. Commercial use of this material may only be made with the express, prior written permission of Cambridge Online. Material provided by any third party, including material obtained through links to other websites, is likely to be the copyright material of the author. Permission to copy or otherwise use such material must be obtained from the author.

Cambridge Online seeks to ensure that information contained in these pages is accurate. However, no liability or responsibility is accepted arising from reliance upon the information contained in these pages or any other information accessed via this site, including without limitation for information reached via links on this site to external sites.