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Cambridge Online used to allow you to have your own webpages. We are now having trouble with our new server, and can no longer provide this facility.

If you already have a webpage and wish to amend it, then contact us with the changes and we will do them for you.

Cambridge Online still runs an online notice board where you can post a message which will stay on the web for several weeks. Click here to see the notice board, and how to post a message.

There are websites which allow you to set up your own webapges for free. Click here for details.

Social networking websites allow you to set up pages about yourself for free. Click here for details.

There are local web designers who will make websites for you for you (but need to be paid). Click here for details.

Once you have a website or webpage, if you live in Cambridge or Cambridgeshire, contact us and we will link to it from this website.

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