Buy books online, including second-hand books. Download music tracks. Buy e-books.
BBC News
National and international news, weather and sport.
Online auction, where you bid for items against other people.
Social networking site. Create your own page and link up with your friends and family.
Family Search using Latter Day Saints Database
Search for an ancestor by surname, for free.
Geograph British Isles
Photographs of every single square kilometre of the British Isles (eventually!)
Most popular search engine. Search for websites, pictures, etc.
Google Maps
Maps, satellite, street view. See anywhere in Britain, or the world, from above or street level.
Gutenberg Project
Complete texts of classic books from the start of this century and previous centuries. Free e-books to download.
Internet Archive
Millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more. Includes archived websites from the past.
Internet Movie Database
Search for film and TV info, cast lists, reviews etc.
Microsoft Translator
Translate webpages or text to and from English, with a range of languages.
National Rail Journey Planner
Timetables, service alterations, rail companies.
Links to online newspapers around the world, in various languages, including English versions.
Open Street Map
Wiki world map - zoomable maps updated by anyone. Cambridge is well mapped by this.
Travel Line
Planning your journey across the UK, by bus, coach or train.
Chat to your friends. Follow celebrities. Share occasions with other people. Now called X.
Open-content encyclopedia written by its readers.
Addresses and websites of businesses anywhere in Britain. Formerly Yellow Pages.
Thousands of video clips to watch, or add your own.