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Jean Perraton (Chair)
Phone: 01123 311949

Richard Wells (Treasurer)
Phone: 01223 352140

David Brooks (Membership Secretary)
Phone: 01223 244528

Join the Cam Valley Forum

You can help us in the work of co-ordinating and promoting schemes to protect and improve the environment of the River Cam.

As a member, you will be informed of the progress of the Forum, and invited to meetings which target specific areas, problems and projects in the area of concern.

© Christine Jennings

© Christine Jennings
Annual subscription:
Ordinary member / affiliated group - 10
Corporate member / partner - 100
Donations welcome

Please send a cheque made out to Cam Valley Forum, together with your name, address, telephone number and email, plus your organisation (if relevant) to Richard Wells, 1 Barrow Close, Cambridge, CB2 8AT.

Available from Cam Valley Forum

The River Cam - A Sketchbook by E N Willmer
A history and description of the River Cam and its tributaries by the founder of the Cam Valley Forum, illustrated with the author's delightful drawings
5 plus 1 p.& p.

Greetings cards, based on drawings by E N Willmer, are also available.
Pack of 4 assorted cards for 1.50 including p.& p.

Order from Richard Wells, 1 Barrow Close, Cambridge, CB2 8AT.
Cam at Grantchester
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